EnerKey is an energy management system that gives you all information related to energy consumption and management in one place.

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  • Manage your energy efficiency potential and investment needs

  • Compliant with the ISO 50001 standard

  • Enter consumption figures with a mobile device, anywhere and at any time

EnerKey – for comprehensive energy management in buildings

The EnerKey energy management system helps your organisation identify possibilities to save energy. With EnerKey, you can also monitor the impact of earlier energy efficiency measures.

The consumption data, comprehensive planning and energy efficiency measures generated by EnerKey enable up to 30% cost savings through reduced energy consumption.

  • Makes energy costs more predictable and budgeting and energy cost reporting easier

  • Automatic alerts based on deviations in consumption

  • Creates a basis for improving the efficiency of energy invoice processing and invoicing tenants

  • Usable anywhere through the internet, also with mobile devices

  • Enables the management, prioritisation and scheduling of energy efficiency measures

  • Energy management document archiving and management

EnerKey reporting service

The metering data collected into Enegia’s database is at your disposal through EnerKey’s energy reports. Our quality control makes sure that the data you see is always reliable and up to date.

The service offers comprehensive and clear reports on consumption – by the hour and up to the annual level. It is easy to manage the big picture and compare individual sites, since the service provides you with the information, analyses and summaries on all of your properties through a single user interface.

  • Comprehensive and clear consumption reports
  • Manage the big picture and compare individual sites
  • Documentation of energy efficiency measures
  • Can be integrated with a building automation or information system
  • The optimisation of building service technology operating times and ensuring operation

EnerKey additional services

The energy invoice management service, AlaMi invoice allocation service, cost reporting and alarm service are high-quality additional services produced with the EnerKey system. They have been designed for the needs of our customers, to improve energy efficiency and manage data related to energy.

Energy invoice management service

We can save you time and resources by verifying and posting your energy invoices using the e-invoicing system. The electronic postings will be transferred directly to your company’s system, enabling the automatic approval of invoices.

"Long co-operation with Enegia has generated annual savings of 5 million euros."

Matti Kalervo, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Kesko PLC Read the full success story >

AlaMi invoice allocation service

Monitor the internal electricity consumption in buildings efficiently. We will compile your electrical power and distribution bills and compile invoicing materials for the owner of the property. In addition, we will invoice the end users of companies participating in joint procurement.

"Student Housing Foundation KOAS in Central Finland during the last year achieved EUR 500 000 in deferred savings in its energy consumption."

Satu Varstala, building engineer, KOAS Read the full success story >

Alarm service

Respond quickly to consumption changes in metering data. The alarm message delivered by e-mail provides precise numeric and graphic information on the time of the alarm and magnitude of the change. Enegia sets up the alarms and sets the alarm thresholds, after which you can update their settings through EnerKey. The alarm service can be configured for main metering and sub-metering, at the hourly and monthly levels.

"Increasing energy efficiency is a way to limit the upward trend of costs."

Marko Huttunen, CEO, The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä Read the full success story >

Cost reporting

Review the realised energy costs of buildings over the desired period of time. The cost reporting service is suitable for the monitoring of electricity, district heating and water consumption. Clear tools help with tasks such as energy cost budgeting and budget reviews.

"This is one step on the path towards carbon neutrality."

Pasi Laitala, Director of Sustainable Development, Espoon Asunnot Read the full success story >

Enerkey customer support

As our customer, Enegia will provide you with comprehensive training in the use of EnerKey. Our energy experts support our customers and partners at all stages of the service’s life cycle, so that you can harness the full potential of EnerKey for the needs of your organisation.

  • EnerKey HelpDesk helps users during incidents

  • Energy information and free webinars

  • EnerKey’s continuous development is based on the needs of our customers


The EnerKey energy management system is used by more than 1,000 organisations and companies. Energia is currently looking for new partners to join the EnerKey team to be able to meet the constantly increasing demand.

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"Long co-operation with Enegia has generated annual savings of 5 million euros."

Matti Kalervo, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Kesko PLC Read the full success story >

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