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The energy company Gasum has acquired the energy market services business in August 2018. In the future please contact us through Gasum switchboard tel: +358 20 44871.

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  • Electricity for up to 10% less than the market price in the long term

  • Consistent price risk management

  • Predictable energy budgeting

 The energy market is complex and constantly evolving

Successful operations in the energy market require constant alertness, real-time tools and expertise. There is an enormous amount of information available and analysing it is difficult.

Enegia provides the most comprehensive and expert independent services in the energy market. With our help, you will be able to reap the full benefits of operating in the wholesale energy market.  In this way, your company can take advantage of market fluctuations and secure stable and affordable energy prices.

We at Enegia will take care of electricity procurement and sales in your best interests, freeing you to concentrate on your core business.


Portfolio management and brokering

Manage risks related to electricity procurement and sales efficiently. Our most popular services are the price-fixing portfolio, financial portfolio and active hedging portfolio. The service portfolio is always built according to the customer’s needs. Portfolio management is suitable for electricity consumers and producers of all sizes.

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"Real-time monitoring and activity generate big savings."

Sami Markkanen, Production Director, Kotka Energy Ltd Read the full success story >

Physical market services

With our balance service, your company can cost-effectively take part in the wholesale market for physical electricity. With our Control Room 24/7 service, we will manage the risks related to your electricity balance and make use of the market’s potential round the clock. The demand flexibility service gives you monetary benefits for taking part in balancing the electricity network.

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"The co-operation has been fruitful already during the first six months."

Petri Rantakokko, Energy Manager, Jy­väs­ky­län Ener­gia Read the full success story >

Energy market information systems

Successful decision-making in the energy market requires up-to-date market information and demanding analyses on tight schedules. The functions of our E2 products are based on real-time market information and powerful calculation tools. The E2 product family is tailored to the Nordic energy market.

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"The aim of the cooperation is a better ability to respond to fluctuations in the electricity market."

Markus Tykkyläinen, CEO, Na­pa­pii­rin Ener­gia ja Ve­si Oy Read the full success story >

Green Services

Is preferring renewable forms of energy a part of your company’s strategy or values? We can help you obtain guarantees of origin for the electricity you use and offset the emissions generated by your operations. We will also take care of emissions allowance trading on your behalf.

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"This is one step on the path towards carbon neutrality."

Pasi Laitala, Director of Sustainable Development, Espoon Asunnot Read the full success story >

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