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Our EnerKey energy management system and Energy Manager expert service give you the best combination for tackling challenges related to energy efficiency.

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  • Keep track of your energy consumption through advanced reporting

  • Ensure compliance with the Energy Efficiency Act

  • Learn to save energy, money and the environment

 Energy consumption should always be based on efficiency

In the modern world, the use of energy resources is based on knowledge and the avoidance of waste. Energy efficiency is required by law, but it also represents financial wisdom and caring for the environment.

We offer you the most comprehensive selection of energy efficiency expert services on the market, from energy use monitoring and reporting to energy audits. We will also take care of the obligations imposed by the Energy Efficiency Act, build an energy management system for your needs and manage your energy invoices. Our energy efficiency services are based on consumption data generated with the EnerKey energy management system.

We achieve energy efficiency targets according to the principles of constant improvement – efficiently, expertly and for the long term. 

EnerKey energy management system

EnerKey is an energy management system that gives you efficient control of your energy consumption. EnerKey gives you all information, reports and analyses needed to make wise decisions concerning energy.

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  • Makes energy costs more predictable and budgeting and energy cost reporting easier.

  • Recognises changes in consumption, enabling a fast and efficient response.

  • Compliant with the ISO 50001 standard

  • Usable anywhere with an internet connection, with a computer or mobile device


Energy Manager

Energy Manager is an expert service that assists you in all questions related to the use and procurement of energy. Whether your organisation operates in the private or public sector, this fixed-price service will give you the best expertise in the field without the need for recruitment.

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"Student Housing Foundation KOAS in Central Finland during the last year achieved EUR 500 000 in deferred savings in its energy consumption."

Satu Varstala, building engineer, KOAS Read the full success story >

Other expert services

We also offer expert services for basic charge reviews, enterprise energy audits, obtaining energy certificates for buildings, energy efficiency measure feasibility studies, building life-cycle calculations and consumption analyses.

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"Increasing energy efficiency is a way to limit the upward trend of costs."

Marko Huttunen, CEO, The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä Read the full success story >

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