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We offer our customers services and decision-making support by the best experts in the energy industry. Our operations are founded on expertise, independence and high-quality competence.

Enegia Portfolio Services Oy is authorised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority to provide investment services.

Services provided by Enegia Portfolio Services

Portfolio management: Electricity and emissions markets

Enegia Portfolio Services Oy provides portfolio management services as an authorised investment service provider. The objective of the portfolio management service is to achieve optimal results in the risk management of electricity and emissions market trading, whether the intended result is to reduce expenses or to optimise profits. The suitable portfolio solution is always built according to the customer’s needs. Portfolio services are suitable for electricity consumers and producers of all sizes as well as emissions market operators. As part of the service, we provide extensive reporting that is utilised in monitoring the status of the portfolio and the realized risk management targets.

Trading service: Electricity and emissins markets and guarantees of origin

We trade on your behalf in Nasdaq OMX Commodities standard products quoted on the Nordic electricity exchange and, optionally, in solutions tailored to your organisation in the bilateral market. The objective of trading in emission allowances is to find cost-effective solutions for trading in CO2 emissions allowances together with the customer. We also provide our customers with the opportunity to trade on the guarantee of origin markets.

Market Information

We generate continuous, high-quality market information for our customers in order to keep you updated on the changes and outlook of the Nordic electricity markets and EU emissions allowance markets. We publish a weekly review of the electricity market, release commentaries on the market each morning, and provide weekly and monthly reviews of emissions trading.

IFRS hedge accounting service

The IFRS hedge accounting service is intended for customers that comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in their accounting. We provide monthly or quarterly reports on financial hedging accounting to your company. With the report, the financial administration of your company is able to enter the changes to the balance or income statement.

Staff – Enegia Portfolio Services Ltd

Janne Laine Managing Director, Enegia Portfolio Services Oy +358 40 838 0679

Toni Sjöblom Chief Analyst, Market Analysis +358 44 594 9139

Markus Herranen Analyst, Market Analysis +358 40 662 1410

Antti Kouvo Senior Portfolio Manager, Market Analysis +358 40 836 8051

Lauri Riihimäki Trading Manager, Portfolio Management & Trading +358 40 922 0113

Jarmo Sillanpää Senior Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Management & Trading +358 40 836 7589

Suvi Viljaranta Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Management & Trading +358 50 430 5855

Mervi Leskinen Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Management & Trading +358 50 571 3995

Atte Pekkala Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Management & Trading +358 40 631 0564

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