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Enegia’s story is about innovation and courage, and is based on the intent of two Finnish companies to serve their customers in the changing world of the energy market.

Deregulation of the energy market in the 90s and the resulting changes in requirements posed a problem to operators and customers alike – now people needed to know how to both buy and sell energy. Clear demand arose for impartial expert services, which was easily met by Energiakolmio and Skapat Energia as they were known at the time.

Today, at Enegia, our most important resources are our loyal customers and expert staff. We have an enormous amount of knowledge, experience and energy, which is communicated to our customers in countless meetings, daily operations and communication. We need our customers and our customers need us.

Enegia’s proactive approach has been important to the development of the entire market. We help our customers in all matters related to energy purchases and management. Such cooperation is based on productive and reliable long-term work to benefit the customer. Today, we are building a shared future together with our staff and customers.

As a responsible actor, we view energy management as an important element of the societal responsibility of our company. With the help of our services, our customers can cut back on their energy consumption and reduce their own environmental impact. We also take care of our shared environment through guarantees of origin, green certificates and renewable energy. We follow strict ethical principles in our business activities. We offer our staff good working conditions and a safe working environment, and ensure that we treat them equally.

Our future goal is to offer high-quality, impartial expert services for an even bigger customer base in the Baltic Sea region. We introduced an extensive range of services years ago, which now covers all energy-related issues. Our business has also expanded as energy producers have joined our customer base.

However, Enegia has not forgotten its roots as a customer-oriented, reliable and productive agent. We operate in a completely neutral manner and always seek the best solutions from the customer’s perspective. We at Enegia are dedicated to working according to our values, while generating cost savings, added value and impartial information for our customers.

We save your energy - Enegia

Group structure

Established in 1995, the Enegia Group Oy is owned by Vaaka Partners Oy (over 50%) and the executive management. The companies operating under the joint Enegia brand are Enegia Consulting Oy (formerly Energiakolmio and Skapat Energia) and Enegia Sweden Ab (formerly Skapat Energi). The other companies in the Group are Enegia Portfolio Services Oy and intStream Oy.

The net sales of the Group’s solution business in 2015 totalled EUR 18 million.



Customer-oriented approach
We take the initiative, are agile and understand our customers’ needs. We focus on applying our expertise to the benefit of our customers.

We are an independent and responsible actor. Our expertise and open policies inspire trust.

We set the bar high. We do what we promise. We are solution-oriented and inventive.



  • Places of business: Hämeenlinna (headquarters), Jyväskylä, Stockholm and Helsinki.
  • Areas of operation: Finland, Sweden, Baltic Sea region and global services through our network of partners.
  • Corporate customers: over 20,000. Half of Finland’s one hundred largest companies use our services.
  • Number of employees: 160
  • Net sales of the solution business: EUR 18 million (2015)
  • Electricity procurement: 20 TWh in electricity portfolio management. We administer almost 25% of Finland’s electricity use.